Friday, 21 September 2012

It's Raining It's Pouring

L-R: Beso Beso, Bikini Atoll, Cebiche. Posing for The West.

Me and the gorgeous Lou, designer of Bikini Atoll.
Amazing AMAZING  designer & mama of 2 beautiful boys.

Sadly, today's show was cancelled due to the rain :(

Luckily Sunday is looking much brighter and sunnier so we are pumped for then! 

Thank you to my supporters who made it down anyway, so sorry to disappoint. 

So, between now and then, I am off to judge a singing/talent competition. I'm loving the variety that has been thrown at me this weekend. And after all of this, I'm going to enjoy an evening with Flannel, drink some french champagne and see some beautiful garments while spending time with some awesome people. So excited!!! I'm getting ready (but sad) to leave my role at Sass & Bide and looking forward to a new adventure with Morrison. Life cannot get any more stylish right now. Love it. 


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