Wednesday, 19 September 2012

1 more sleep until the STM Swimwear Central show for PFF

Fittings with Chloe E from Chadwicks

For added street cred, protect your face from the sun this summer with a cool visor.

Styling by Jess Nella

It's been a little crazy here at Beso Beso. This week I received the last of my samples from New York. A few months ago I was asked to send some pieces to Sports Illustrated for an upcoming shoot. I put a look together for a specific story and I am hoping to see this look grace a page of the swimwear edition. When I opened up my package today - I was pleased to see some scuff marks on both pieces, which means - They took it on location!! I wonder who got to wear it?

I was also hoping my samples would get here in time for Perth Fashion Festival. So now I can slip this look into the show. Last minute touches are happening as I type and cannot wait for tomorrow.

 I am very pleased to say fittings went really well during the week and last minute touches have been made. I was so happy to re-unite with Chloe from Chadwicks (my model for the lookbook) and Sheldean from Scene (a former colleague). It feels good working with all of the models. I feel at ease now.

The first show will be tomorrow at STM Fashion Central, Forrest Place at 2pm and the second will be Sunday, same place at 3pm. Free to the Public.

Come down and show your support to your local designers and look out for the gold hand painted visors by yours truly.


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